Brian Ustas

Brian Ustas

Entrepreneur and software engineer based in Cambridge, MA

Hey, I’m Brian.

I love making cool things with cool people, and have the skills and experience to take ideas from concept to production. I’m a maker, with strong full-stack programming, product and design skills.

I grew up in Norway, India and South Africa; and I’m currently based in Cambridge, MA. I studied entrepreneurship, innovation and computer science at Northeastern University. As a software engineer, I’ve worked at Nokia, Swipely and BookBub.

Learning and applying myself is my passion, and I take pride in my attention to detail and multidisciplinary skillset. My primary interests are in product development, computer graphics, data science, machine learning, quantitative trading, and productivity tooling.

Check out my projects and resume for details!

In my free time, I’m big into rugby, mountain climbing, weight training, armchair philosophy, and over-optimizing my Vim/tmux setup. I also really enjoy meeting passionate and adventurous people. Please reach out if you’d like to chat!