Brian Ustas

Brian Ustas

Entrepreneur and Software Engineer based in Boston, MA

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  • Vim
  • tmux
  • Zsh
  • GnuPG
  • Pandoc
  • Ctags
  • terminal
  • shell scripts
  • dotfiles

Configuration files for my over-optimized development environment, and my bu_* shell script collection.

I’m continually updating it to make journaling, task management, and note-taking seamless extensions to my day. I believe that by reducing input friction, excuses disappear and good habits stick. It contains configuration for Vim, tmux, Zsh, GnuPG, and more.

Quick links:

Custom shell scripts to automate common tasks:

bu_back_up_1p, bu_back_up_docs, bu_back_up_gdrive, bu_back_up_github_repos, bu_back_up_office_snake_hs, bu_back_up_photo_booth, bu_back_up_system, bu_build_full_journal, bu_chrome_hist, bu_chrome_tabs_links, bu_create_small_s3_backup, bu_customize_finder_sidebar, bu_decrypt, bu_done_log, bu_ebooks, bu_encrypt, bu_encrypt_journal, bu_ip_address, bu_localize_doc_images, bu_markdown_to_html, bu_set_file_type_app_defaults, bu_slideshow, bu_source_shell, bu_speed_test, bu_term_colors, bu_test_ustasb_internet_links, bu_tidy_up_pic_names, bu_unravel_backup, bu_update_system, bu_voice_memo


Vim/tmux development setup