• Ruby on Rails
  • Angular.js
  • JavaScript
  • web scraping
  • app design

Web app for creating Spotify playlists from your Pandora ‘likes’. Featured on,,, and others.

Lifehacker summary:

“Pandify can scan all the tracks on Pandora you’ve given a thumbs-up to and creates a playlist. You can filter the list by genre to remove anything that doesn’t fit the kind of playlist you want. You can also download a text file with the track listing if you want to try to import it to another service…”

The frontend’s built with Angular.js and designed with Sketch. The backend uses Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL.

Pandora data is scraped with my own Pandata Ruby Gem (Pandora doesn’t provide an API). Without that project, Pandify wouldn’t be possible.


configure page: Provide your public Pandora handle.
customize page: Filter tracks by genre.
create page: Export your playlist to Spotify.
input: Pandora likes
output: Spotify playlist